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K-Drives has established itself primarily as an important, globally oriented B2B supplier, specialized in perfect solutions for large-volume and long-term orders.
To free up our capacity for what we do best, we are leaving the area of retail and B2C sales.

To the thousands of our retail customers who have been buying from us during 30 years of our history, we thank them for their trust and support.

Thanks to this step, we will bring larger B2B and project customers from all over the world even better service in the technical and commercial spheres, the most modern methods of communication and data exchange, and a more individual approach.

Our popular configurator remains in operation, but the webshop changes to a platform for entering requests (it is no longer possible to buy directly online).

Thank you for your understanding.

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6SL3255-0AA00-4BA1 Základní operační panel (BOP) pro řadu Sinamics
6SL3261-1BA00-0AA0 Montážní sada na DIN lištu pro měniče Sinamics G110 velikosti A
Potenciometr 5kOhm + knoflík Potenciometr 5kOhm + přístrojový knoflík
6SL3255-0AA00-2AA1 Propojovací sada pro spojení Sinamics G110 / G120 s PC. Pro PC sériový port. Včetně CD s dokumentací a softwarem Starter.
6SL3261-1BB00-0AA0 Montážní sada na DIN lištu pro měniče Sinamics G110 velikosti B